Seeing | orange & fading

This was today out on a walk, the brownish leaves turned orange, catching the dancing light in their last withering days. Death closing in, yet there is light and life and beauty still. I had decided yesterday to do a little series called "Seeing'" to explore imagery and the different thoughts they invoke. I just wanted to step into a little creative world where I could look and spin those little creative thoughts like a web. And so this drying, decaying, cracking and twisting leaf reminds me again of this dying season giving way to a slumbering one where everything seems silenced and cut off by death. Yet there is life still underneath all of it, there is life in the roots flowing up through the tender limb. It may be a small vien, but it still has life pulsating underneath the surface, beating faintly. When sometimes all that we see resembles death, there is still life or the potential for it... in a branch that extends itself into dangling leaves and even in the quiet soul.